The words of our patients

London Hormone Clinic

Dr Jan Toledano

“When I first met Dr Jan Toledano I was a wreck. I wasn’t sleeping, had terrible migraines and was anxious most of the time. I was 44 and had early menopause. It took time but with Dr Toledano’s support and treatment with bio-identical hormones I got my health and life back on track. I cannot recommend Dr Jan Toledano highly enough.”
– Anne

“Dr Toledano has helped me enormously with pre-diabetes. I was on the verge of getting type 2 diabetes. The way she spoke to me and explained everything helped me greatly to motivate myself to make the necessary lifestyle changes in order to prevent myself from getting type 2 diabetes. Dr Toledano has a really great personality and combines medical precision with a fine understanding of the emotional issues involved. She has a positive attitude and makes you feel you can do it. I think that if it were not for Dr Toledano I would probably have type 2 diabetes by now. For me, personally, she has been a life-changing doctor. She has also helped me greatly with the hormonal issues.”
– Anon

“It has been almost three years since I first went to Dr Jan Toledano for hormone therapy and I have not looked back. Thanks to Jan’s treatment, my peri-menopausal symptoms are minimized and my moods are moderated. Jan has a wonderful way of making me feel at ease, at the same time as maintaining a quality and professional practice. I would go as far as saying that my treatment has been life changing and would not hesitate to recommend Jan.”
– Anon

“Dr Toledano is a wonderful doctor. She is both caring and highly professional. She listens, she understands, and she plots a course to recovery. Meeting Jan in 2012 has literally changed my life. She has successfully sorted out all my hormonal issues and thanks to her dedicated approach and support I have gone from being a very tired, anxious, pain ridden fifty year old to the healthy, vibrant, calm lady that I am today.”
– Bridget


Dr Amalia Annaradnam

“Dr Amalia has a unique ability to really listen and understand what a patient needs hormonally whilst bringing a holistic approach to treatment and wellbeing, including nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. She has absolutely transformed how I manage my endometriosis symptoms and helped me feel more balanced, energised and healthy. I trust her and I can’t recommend her highly enough based on her expertise and care.”
– Anon

“Dr Annaradnam told me I wasn’t going slowly mad, or suffering with depression… A week after starting treatment, the morning stomach knots unravelled and I began to get my energy back.”
Liz Stout

“I am so delighted for the treatment that you have prescribed for me, which effectively has returned my personality and joie de vivre which I had been sadly lacking for some years. Had I known of you earlier I would not have lost years succumbing to feelings of despair. You have been a marvellous discovery. Your “bedside manner” coupled with your knowledge, experience, realistic outlook and empathy is superb. Don’t ever retire.”
– Anon

Since my first meeting with Amalia I felt an instant rapport with her manner and style of working.  Amalia offers understanding and warmth coupled with efficiency and an energy that makes any discussion relaxed and easy – much appreciated in her particular field of expertise.
– Belinda