The Team

Megan Fensom-Turner

Megan began her association with healthcare in 1986 when she joined the Garden Hospital, Hendon (now BMI Hendon) as a receptionist, and where Megan’s natural empathy and relationship building with patients began to develop.

London Hormone Clinic

In 1996, Megan was head-hunted to join Viveka, a medical and holistic womens’ healthcare practice in St Johns Wood, London. Here Megan was responsible for running the practice on a daily basis, letting of practice rooms and management of reception services, comprising 9 rooms, 8 staff and 30 tenants.

During her 17 years with Viveka, Megan oversaw many changes within the practice including CQC registration and compliance, conversion to Electronic Patient Record, co-ordinating practice forums and guest speakers, and two practice refurbishments!

Further to her extensive experience, Megan also holds qualifications in Essential Management, Child Safeguarding, and Interviewing and Induction.

Megan has a natural empathy with patients and her aim is always to provide quality patient services with a focus on customer care. Patient confidentiality, discretion and sensitivity to their circumstances are paramount to Megan and she believes good communication skills and a good work ethic are set by example. Megan upholds the values of being honest and open, and is very intuitive to underlying issues.

In 2013, Megan took the bold decision to go self-employed and created a practice support services company for independent doctors and practitioners

Megan is now delighted to be supporting Drs Jan Toledano, Amalia Annaradnam and Eleanor King at the London Hormone Clinic.