Treatment Schedule


It will vary how often you will be seen at the clinic. At LHC we try to ensure regular follow up without asking you to attend unnecessarily.

London Hormone Clinic

Initial Consultation

1—Initial Consultation
During this consultation we will discuss your main symptoms and their impact on your life. We will also address relevant lifestyle influences.

You will have had your blood tests done prior to our meeting and we will review them and explain their relevance to your condition. A hormonal regime will then be prescribed with any other medication or supplements.

Further investigations will be arranged if indicated, such as a mammogram and pelvic ultrasound.

2–First Follow Up Appointment
This takes place after about 10 weeks. This will have given you some time to get used to the treatment and see how things have started to improve.

You will be able to contact us before the 10 weeks should you have any concerns regarding treatment or symptoms you may experience.

We will review how you are feeling and blood tests and other investigations may be performed if indicated.

We may adjust and fine tune the treatment at this stage.

3—Follow Up Appointments
These will take place at 3-6 month intervals where we will review your progress and make any changes necessary.

The reason for follow up appointments is to monitor how patients adjust to individualized treatment and provide the best quality of care.

Blood Tests and Scans

The following investigations will be needed at regular intervals thoughout your treatment.

— Pelvic Ultrasound scan to check womb lining and ovaries:  yearly after menopause.
— Mammogram with or without a breast ultrasound: every 1-3 years.
— Cervical smear – every 3 years (with HPV recommended).
— DEXA  bone scan – regularity varies.

Blood Tests.
We try to keep testing to a minimum and only request this if there are good clinical grounds for doing so.

We try to support patients getting bloods/scans on the NHS if it is appropriate by liaising with GPs/ gynaecologists and other healthcare professionals.

The yearly blood tests may include a full hormonal panel, thyroid function.

Saliva Tests and Urine Tests
These specialist tests may be carried out if clinically indicated.



Initial Consultation £275 

Follow up £180 

Telephone Appointment £90

We find it most effective for patients to have a face to face consultation to ensure we can give them the best care. We do offer telephone and Skype appointments if necessary.