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Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

This refers to irregular or heavy periods where there is an absence of pelvic pathology.  Pregnancy and other medical causes should also be excluded.

Abnormal uterine bleeding normally occurs when the normal cycle is disrupted due to hormone imbalance. Periods can be very heavy with clots, or light. Not only is the flow affected but the bleeding pattern can vary from being regular to prolonged or more frequent than normal.

It is important to rule out any pathological cause of heavy or irregular uterine bleeding such as endometrial cancer, thyroid disorders, or fibroids.

Management options

Conventional approach Our approach at LHC
-Oral contraceptive pill (combined or progestogen only) to regulate cycle.
-Endometrial ablation is an option to avoid a hysterectomy.
-Hysterectomy, where the bleeding cannot be controlled with alternative methods and is disrupting quality of life.
-We prescribe bio-identical hormones as progesterone to restore hormonal balance and regulate cycles.
- Address other lifestyle factors which may be contributing to symptoms especially diet and exercise.