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Post natal Depression (PND)

PND affects 10% of women.  After the birth of a baby, there are extreme fluctuations in hormone levels which are thought to play a key role in post-natal depression. Other factors such as a history of mental health problems, previous history of PND, lack of family/friends support, poor relationship with partner and stressful lifestyle can all be other contributing factors.

During the first week after giving birth it can be common to feel a bit low in mood and tearful and this is called the “baby blues”. These symptoms should not last for more than two weeks and if they do, it is very important to seek help early as this could be postnatal depression.


Low mood Anxiety Low self esteem
Difficulty bonding with your baby Withdrawing from people Worrying thoughts about harming your baby
Feeling guilty Low energy Not sleeping

If it is not treated, it can go on to last months and years. Replacing the deficient hormones can be an excellent way to treat PND.

Management options

Things you can do at home Conventional approach Our approach at LHC
– Seek help from family/friends or health professionals
– Regular exercise
-Rest when you can
– Referral for cognitive behavioural therapy
– Antidepressants –these may be needed for severe cases
– Bio –identical hormone therapy to restore hormonal balance
– Referral for psychological therapies
– Antidepressants if needed for severe cases